General education

Lyceum of Vilnius Agroecology Training Center

Every school, like a person or nation, has its own way. It is born, grows, strengthens and becomes a part of society with its goals, ambitions and exclusivity. The secondary school Lyceum of Vilnius Agroecology Training Center established in 2017 is currently in the most interesting stage of growth.  Our goal is to become a leading educational institution and, as we live in the period full of challenges and innovations, we have to work hard to achieve this. The lyceum currently has a pre-school group and grades from the 1st to 7th, every year adding a higher grade. Although the school is located in Vilnius district, the number of pupils is growing every year. The school provides pre-school, primary, basic, secondary and vocational education, which ensures smooth transition from one level of education to another and guarantees the continuity of studies.

Vilnius Agroecology Training Center (abbreviated VATC) is the institution having the unique organizational structure and that is why  experiential education is becoming an excellent tool for teachers in this school. This method provides an opportunity to link educational process and practical activities, to analyze specific situations and to learn from them.

As VATC has well-designed and interesting vocational education programs, senior pupils can get a lot of interdisciplinary information directly from teachers of vocational school. But most importantly, students can “try on the professions” together with their subject teachers by participating in practical sessions of integrated practical training programes. Watching how natural cosmetics is being made, cars being repaired, culinary masterpieces being created, a table being served, they learn by accumulating experience. The lyceum teachers and administrative staff strive to work according to the individual needs of each student, integrating subjects, expanding learning spaces to vocational training workshops and laboratories. The pupils learn by exploring. At VATC lyceum, lessons can begin with a conversation with a teacher or friends, a trip to the school garden or nature, cooking, or operating a drone. Experiential education has many advantages and provides new educational opportunities, but one of its most important features is that learning becomes meaningful and fun. The pupils use their experience as they try to perform tasks encountered. The reflection and analysis of  their own experience give learning a new quality and provide an opportunity to review, update, systematize, develop and, if necessary, change the existing experience. The modern student must be taught using methods based on practical experience to develop competencies relevant to modern life. Therefore, at VATC Lyceum learning takes place through research, experimentation, analysis, creation, communication. Together with their teachers students seek for complex and integral knowledge of the phenomena of reality, thus developing their abilities in the contexts of science, mathematics, technology and languages.

In order to improve the quality of education educators, teachers and school leaders must constantly improve their qualifications and competencies. Therefore, the school strongly encourages educators to improve their general and professional skills, learn innovative teaching methods, participate in various trainings and seminars, as well as international projects and share the experience gained with colleagues.

The lyceum strives to be a leading educational institution, so learning in it must be stimulating creativity and creating challenges, sometimes provocative and fun.